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Don't Quit Your Day Gig

Most accomplished musicians teach music at some level but I have never felt the calling. When asked if I teach I usually reply "No, I'm still learning.” That response doesn't satisfy every inquiring mind so I decided to jot down some observations and ideas I often share with younger musicians.

Don't Quit Your Day Gig is a light-hearted look at the life of a professional musician. It's a glimpse of what to expect if you choose this career path. It could have been called, "A Day in the Life of a Starving Artist,” "How NOT to Look Like a Beginner,” or "Things They Don't Teach You at Music School.” It's a fun read for all ages but designed to help the younger cats navigate the seductive path to the bandstand. There are no shortcuts but certain obstacles can be easily avoided.


The PC Jazz Radio Hour

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The PC Jazz Hour is a weekly show that features classic jazz recordings from the masters of yesterday and today as well as releases from up and coming local jazz artists. Flint area musician Pat Cronley, a longtime friend of Delta College Public Media, is your host for this weekly jazz journey and he promises to let the music do the talking. No monologues, no guests, and no interviews; just as much music as possible.